25 July 2012

Settling In

First of all, I am having the best time. The weather is awesome, San Salvador is awesome, and my school is AWESOME. I'm helping some of the new teachers with Spanish, and I feel important.

Today we woke up and had breakfast together at one of the condos, then we went to get our residency cards. This involved our passports, a $1.25 fee, waiting in line for a long time, and signing a paper. It was nice to have the Escuela Americana people there to guide us.

Then, we signed stuff to open our bank accounts (CitiBank), got our settling in allowance, and went shopping for some basics at Wal Mart (haha). Wal Mart here is weird - there are like people standing on every aisle trying to sell you things...? I don't get it. My roommate and I got stuff like clothes hampers, trash cans, hangers, a coffee maker, etc...stuff that the condo didn't come with. She had already bought a kitchen set from a departing teacher, so we are pretty set. I'm excited to go grocery shopping! Produce! Yes!

Tomorrow we are getting finger-printed for our complex, more shopping, meetings, etc. Meg and I are going to explore the track in the morning before breakfast. Hooray!

This is our condo!

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