01 July 2012

Cell Phone Stuff

Did some research into cell phones in El Salvador and decided that I'm too addicted to my smartphone to live without one (so pathetic, you have permission to roll your eyes at me). As Verizon phones don't have SIM cards to be switched in other countries and smartphones in ES are pretty expensive, I bought an old, unlocked iPhone 3G yesterday in hopes that I'll be able to purchase a SIM card and plan when I get to San Salvador. We'll see if it works! Otherwise I'll just have bought a really expensive iPod touch.

Verizon lets you suspend phone service for $15/month, as long as it's active for six months out of the year. Guess I'll suspend it Aug-Nov this year so I can have a US cell when I come back for the winter holidays. 

T-minus 22 days until departure!

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