26 July 2012

A Very Productive Day

Today was long. We started with breakfast an hour earlier than usual, then had a presentation about our salaries and taxes (we have to pay into the Salvadoran pension program). It's nice how much the school does to figure out the best way to get us tax-free income.

After that, we met with our department heads and got keys to our rooms! Very exciting. Our principal and vice principal took the four of us foreign elementary hires to lunch at El Circulo Deportivo Internacional, a country club type thing in our area. We all felt pretty classy, I think.

Then, we had to go back and deal with banking stuff, get our debit cards, and sign a bunch of forms. We had a brief Spanish/culture class then bussed to a home store called Divesa and got some stuff for the condo. After that, we went grocery shopping and got our cell phones! I'm happy to report that my unlocked iPhone now runs successfully on Tigo. Hooray!

The guy in the store quoted me prices of $.30 per minute for local calls, $.09 for a local text, $.15 for a text to a US cell, and $10 per GB of data. I don't know how quickly I'll use this up, but I got a pay-as-you-go plan, so I'll figure it out and report back.


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