26 August 2012

Cumplimos un mes!

I've made it through two weeks of school with my 20 kiddos; week three starts tomorrow. They're really interesting, smart kids, and I'm having a blast getting to know them. I'm also really enjoying the 1.5 hour planning period I have in the middle of the day while they're at Spanish. It's just unreal and totally unheard of in the States.

We also celebrated our one-month of living in ES last Thursday. In honor of this milestone, I've decided to list some things to remember while in El Salvador:
  1. Always carry an umbrella.
  2. Check your cup for ants before reusing it.
  3. Agree on the price of every taxi ride before getting into the car (this is always negotiable).
  4. 2 pupusas are probably enough.
  5. It's okay not to refrigerate eggs, but you should wash the shells.
  6. If an invitation says 5:00, no one will show up until at least 6:30.
  7. Might as well get a beer...it's the same price as water.
  8. Never underestimate the amount of time it's going to take to get somewhere on a road that's not paved, no matter how short the distance.
More on school soon!

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