12 April 2009

Buenos Aires Recap

First I would like to comment that posting this was a pain. Aside from all the formatting issues, this entire post has been erased and redone three times. Thanks, Blogger. Anyway.

Ideally, in the future I'll be posting pictures as they happen. On a trip, however, it's nearly impossible to do this, so apologies for the delay. If you've seen pictures on Facebook, you'll have seen these already. Apologies for that too. BUT, here are favorites from Buenos Aires!

This is the Obelisco, seen up there in the top right of my blog. It was built in May 1936 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the first founding of the city. Also worth mentioning is the fact that it wears a giant red condom on World AIDS Day. Attaboy, Obelisco.

This is the Flor, given by the architect to all the women of Buenos Aires. It closes at sunset and opens with the sunrise.

This is the Casa Rosada, the Pink House. Like the White House, but pink. Really. Worth noting: Argentina has a female president.

This is me tangoing spontaneously in the neighborhood of La Boca, known for its colorful buildings. Also home of Boca Juniors, a very well-supported and successful soccer team and the favorite of Diego Maradona.

This is Lexie and me posing with the traditional Argentinian asado, sort of a barbecue with a bunch of different kinds of meat. This particular asado was at Soledad's house (she's an acquaintance of Andrew's) and was the best meal we had the whole trip!

This is Soledad and her family! They were very kind and fed us all kinds of Peruvian and Argentinian food - we were stuffed to the gills!

This is the tango show we went to at La Ventana. Lots of great music and singing, plus a great dinner that we had to try to stuff down after eating way too much at Soledad's house.

I took this picture while walking around the market in San Telmo. Most of the tourist-y streets in Buenos Aires feature some type of musician or band playing music for the passers by.

This is Sarah and me at La Bombonera after watching Boca Juniors win! It was great to see Riquelme play. The stadium is called La Bombomera (chocolate box) because it looks like one from the air.

This was our gaucho day. We spent the morning and afternoon riding horses and taking in the countryside on la Estancia de Dos Hermanos. The white mane and ears in this picture is my buddy Comanche. Up ahead are Mataco, Gallego, and Luna. We also got to eat another delicious asado at the estancia. Note to self: Do not gallop on horse with camera in pocket.

This is Sarah and me on the BA pub crawl, funnily (or predictably) enough started by Americans.

This guy is one of the Ositos de Paz. They are a collection of painted bears from countries around the world, hanging out in a circle in the Plaza San Martín. They all want world peace. This is Miss (Mr.?) Argentina!

All in all, a great city! I had a blast, and I have never met so many nice people in my life. Even the taxi drivers were amazing. I actually began to miss it as soon as we left...I've definitely decided that Buenos Aires is my destination. Now begins the process of job hunting (assuming I get my thesis together and actually graduate from college). Wish me luck!

Rio recap coming soon.


  1. The tango pic is still my favorite! Sounds like such an awesome trip, glad you had fun!!

  2. wow.. so this was spring break?
    Girl how do you afford all these trips.. haha.. I am sooo jealous.. I want to visit you someday when you live down there !!

  3. Oh yeah and that tango pic was AWESOME..