17 March 2009

Adiós, Buenos Aires!

Lunch with Peruvian/Argentinian family was best meal of trip. Good Spanish practice.

Tango show was fun. Ate too much again. Eat too much every day. Food too cheap. All that working out for Brazil wasted.

Bought lots of things. Probably too many. Hard to resist though. Everything so cheap, including taxis. I like being driven around. Have been told that my Spanish is good. Each time has been followed by me messing up next verb. Maybe these are just attempts to get me to buy more things. It´s working.

Fútbol was intense. Took picture with Maradona look-alike, though only part that looked alike was hair. Lost sister at one point and was forced to spend 1st half thinking of best way to tell Mom and Dad that I lost their daughter at South American soccer match. Found her at half time. Boca won 3-0.

Gaucho day was fun, though the four of us were only ones there. Was hoping to meet people. Managed to lose camera in the yerba, but our guide searched and found it. Thanks, Alex. Never galloped on a horse before. Have video. V. sore.

Pub crawl after gaucho day probably not best idea, but fun anyway. Slept in sort of. Lunch at burrito place that was suspiciously like Chipotle. Tasty.

Last meal at Los Inmortales. Best thing about most meals is dessert. Why is ice cream so good here?

Love BA. :D Everyone so nice.

Rio tomorrow. Why am I awake? Must sleep.


  1. You can't edit comments!! You can only delete them!! And then it tells you that it used to be there. How embarrassing.

    I want to see that horseback riding video!!

    Glad you did not lose your sister. Parents really don't enjoy hearing when you lose siblings. Luckily, my little brother is tall. Very hard to lose tall people.

    Miss you! Enjoy Brazil! And yes, sleep is good. :D

  2. I love horseback riding! Can't wait to see your video, glad you had a fun trip!