02 February 2009

First Post Whee.

Finally official! March 12th, Sarah, Andrew, Lex, and I will be headed to Buenos Aires. Can't wait to eat a steak. Hope I understand the PorteƱos and their silly accent. Jo quiero un pojo. No. That is a lie, but fun to say in Argentine accent. Really jo quiero un bistec.

Read a website that says Argentine women dress v. nicely. Will need to get pretteh clothes.

Then Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to see Christ the Redeemer, go hang gliding, lay on beach, take panoramic pictures, pay stupid amounts of money for things because we are tourists, etc. etc. Everyone in Brazil is a model, obviously, so w
ill need to be in v. good shape.

Until then, lots to do. N
eed Brazilian tourist visas, which means paperwork, photos, a trip to Brazilian consulate in Houston M-F 9-12 (why?! why not normal business hours? WAH), and about $150. Right now have about $600 saved for spring break, which covers Brazilian visa, entrance fee to Argentina (reciprocated entrance fee for Argentinians to get into States. thanks, U.S.), and flight from Buenos to Rio.

Need more money since I don't want to sleep on the streets of South America. In a box.

And now for your enjoyment, a picture of a jet, much like the one we will be flying. Because there is nothing else relevant to this entry that I can post a picture of.

More soon.


Days until South America: 39


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  2. I am very jealous of your trip, it sounds fabulous! You are going to have a wonderful time!